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    Below is a list of common questions we get about our products. Take a look and see if you can find your answer here. If you can't find the answer, don't worry, we're here to help. Just head over to the Contact Us page and send us your inquiry there.



    • The part I want is listed as backorder. What can I do?

    You can still order it! Out of stock items will be listed with a "Backorder" option instead of "Add to Cart". Simply click the "Backorder" button and your product will be added to your cart like normal. For Borg Motorsports products, purchasing a backordered item moves it to the top of our production list and the shop will get right on manufacturing it at the next possible opening. We can often manufacture and ship out of stock items in one week, but because of potential material availability, we quote a two week lead time between the date the order is placed and the date it is shipped. OS Giken products are subject to the availability from OS Giken and will often take longer than two weeks. If you need specific shipping times, contact us and we'll be happy to give you a more detailed estimate. 

    • Do you carry [insert brand here]?

    If we do, it's listed on our website. Borg Motorsports is primarily a design and manufacturing company offering our own products. While we do offer some company's products on our site, that's not our primary business model. If the part you're looking for isn't on our site, head over to the Sponsors and Links page or our Recommended Items page to find our favorite sources for non-stocked parts. 

    • I have technical questions about car setup. Can you help?

    If you're a customer, absolutely! Once you're a Borg Motorsports customer, you are a customer for life and we'll do everything in our power to help make you faster.

    If you have questions about our products, we're happy to answer those as well, just contact us and we'll be right with you. Please keep in mind though, our time is limited and we may have to keep the discussion short if it branches into products we don't support or more general car setup information.

    If you want to talk with Lane or one of the other members of the Borg Motorsports team about the intricacies of car setup, we can make arrangements for personal consulting at the current rate. 

    If you haven't made a purchase from us, consider heading over to our Support Us page where you can help contribute to our technical development fund. This fund is used to make more and better YouTube videos, technical blog posts, and build threads about specific vehicles.



    • Do you sell partial kits?

    Yes, we do! Head over to the Individual Bushings section and take a look. We have many customers ask us for a single offset bushing or just one control arm worth of bushings. You can piece together a custom kit or order the one bushing you need to perfect your build.

    • What's Delrin 100AF and do I really need it?

    Delrin 100AF is a special blend of Delrin, or acetal resin, and Teflon developed to meet US Navy requirements for bushing materials in corrosive environments. Teflon (otherwise known as PTFE) is a very slippery material and is used when you want to minimize any friction between two moving parts. Since Delrin 100AF has Teflon impregnated in the resin, it's self lubricating! No need to grease your brown Delrin, it's good to go for life. Unfortunately, an extremely low coefficient of friction and no need for lubrication comes at a cost, literally. Delrin 100AF is four to five times as expensive as regular Delrin, but if you want the best possible product for your race car, Delrin 100AF is it!

    • Don't the bushings need to be spherical? I thought Delrin was like putting in aluminum bushings.

    Not true! This myth has perpetuated in the racing world for one reason or another. Delrin, while significantly stiffer than polyurethane, is much less stiff than aluminum. Because of this, Delrin can flex and deform enough to be used in bushings many cars. Some cars (for example, a lot of imports) have bushings that require movement in multiple axes. This sort of application requires a soft enough material to accommodate multi-axis rotation. Even stiff polyurethane might be too stiff for applications like this. Thankfully, the Corvette has a double a-arm (or SLA) suspension, so the small rotation caused by camber adjustment is easily handled by the natural deformation of the Delrin (but the precision tolerances held by our machine shop help too).

    • Can you install my bushings for me?

    We have done this in certain instances, but it is not a standard service at this time (we're busy developing new products and building inventory). Send us a message and we can discuss potential options.


    Shipping and Returns

    • What is the shipping cost?

    Standard shipping (UPS Ground) to the lower 48 states is included with every purchase of a full bushing kit (Standard, Premium, or Offset). If you need your products faster, live in Alaska or Hawaii, or outside the USA, there will be an additional shipping charge depending on the speed of service you want and the destination country. Any additional shipping fees are shown before you complete checkout.

    • Do you accept returns?

    For the most part, yes. If you return the product in new, unused condition, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase. 

    • I need my product NOW!!! I have a race this weekend!

    We'll do our best to accommodate your request, but you might need to call or email us to ensure we can get you your parts in time. If you have a very strict deadline, it's always best to contact us first before ordering. We race on weekends, just like you, and will do everything in our power to keep you on track and help you be as competitive as possible.



    • So and so said they can get me it cheaper. Will you give me a discount?

    As the saying goes, you pay for what you get. Being a small manufacturer, we're able to keep our operating costs low, while still bringing you the highest quality products. If you look around, we are priced very competitively to our competition and believe we have the track record and customer reviews to show that we have the highest caliber products out there. If you must get a discount, subscribe to our email list. As an example, we sometimes issue one time use coupons to our newsletter subscribers and the first person to enter the code at checkout gets the discount, then it's gone forever.

    • Are you going to make [insert part here]?

    I (Lane here) have a long list of products I plan to bring to market. The reality is that product development is a long and expensive process. I'd rather not sell something than sell something half assed. If Borg Motorsports makes it, it's going to be the best. Once a product has met our internal development criteria it will be released. If you want to be the first to know about it, subscribe to our YouTube channel or sign up for the newsletter.