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    The Borg Motorsports Newsletter

    Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale is Here!

    It's that time of year! Turnaround times should be extremely fast. We have over a ton of aluminum in the shop ready to machine and multiple kits worth of Delrin already machined (with more on the way)!

    15% off all Borg Motorsports bushings and swag as well as Brisk Spark Plugs - use code BFCM2023 at checkout

    10% off OSG products - use code OSG2023 at checkout

    Both codes are active from November 22nd until December 20th. Thanks for your support!

    Inflation Based Price Increases

    Sadly, Delrin prices keep increasing so we are being forced to raise our prices. This will be most noticeable on the kits that use Delrin AF, which has more than doubled over the last few years. Despite searching for better prices, the choice is either significantly lower quality or increase prices to keep using high quality materials. Obviously, I'd rather keep the quality and longevity. Price increases go into effect on June 15. Any orders in before June 15 will be honored at the current prices, even if they are backordered. Thanks for your support and understanding.

    Inventory PRODUCTION Sale

    I'm trying something different this year. Keeping inventory on hand has always been a weak point for us. To attempt to help remedy this, I decided to have a sale at the beginning of the year to help rebuild the material on hand and help produce extra kits after holiday sales drain our inventory. To that end, we're offering 10% off for two weeks starting today (Jan. 14).

    This sale is only for purchases directly through our site, but for our fellow Texans, we'll be covering your sales tax. Use the code "Inventory10" at checkout.

    Texans - The site should be set up to remove the sales tax for you during this time, but if it does show sales tax, we'll refund that portion of the order. 

    Please note that we need to order material for these orders so shipping time will likely be on the longer side of our normal two-week lead time between the order date and the shipment date.


    The Black Friday Sale is Here!

    Lots of companies are doing a Cyber Week sale. We're doing a Cyber Month sale! From Nov. 15 until Dec. 15, 2022, all Borg Motorsports and Brisk products are 15% off with code "CyberMonth15".

    OSG products are 5% off with code "CyberMonthOSG5". Please note that lead times for OSG products are extremely delayed and differentials are not expected to ship until the middle of 2023. Please contact us if you have any questions.