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    Want to support our technical content?

    Well first, thank you! Your support means the world to us. We believe in sharing our technical knowledge with amateur racers like you. If you like what we do and want to see more technical content on our site or on our YouTube channel, these are the best ways to support us in that venture (besides purchasing our suspension and drivetrain products)!


    Get Your Swag On

    Did you know Borg Motorsports sells hats, shirts, and stickers featuring our awesome logo? Check out the Team Gear section of our site and purchase some racing gear for your next event!


    Watch our YouTube Channel

    This is the easiest one. It costs you absolutely nothing! Just watch and subscribe to our YouTube videos and the ads that some of them feature. More total views and subscribers helps us get more advertising revenue, even if it is not a video with ads. If it is a video with ads, give them a chance and watch for 30 seconds or a minute. Borg Motorsports gets more revenue for longer ad engagement. All of our YouTube funds go right back into the channel to make better and more beneficial content for you.


    Support us on Patreon

    Patreon is a way for YouTube creators to get the funds they need to keep generating great content for you. By supporting us on Patreon, we can create more compelling and more frequent videos on our channel. We even have special Patreon only surprises planned for the coming months and years.


    Buy from Amazon

    Everyone knows of Amazon and if you purchase something through our affiliate link, we get a (very) small affiliate bonus for that. You don't even have to buy the product we link you to. Just head over to Amazon through this link and purchase whatever you were going to anyway. It costs you nothing and it keeps our YouTube channel and blog going.