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    The Borg Motorsports Newsletter

    Delrin Supply Issues Affecting Inventory

    It took a year for the COVID supply chain issues to start to affect us, but sadly it's happened in a big way recently. There is little to no Delrin AF that meets our needs available from reliable manufacturers/countries. I'm working to buy up everything I can when it becomes available, but until further notice, all Delrin AF kits will be built to order. This way, we can save what material we get out hands on for whoever actually places an order and we can better ensure that customers will get the version of the kit they want.

    If your specific order will take longer than the standard two-week lead time, we will contact you after the order to let you know. You can also reach out through the Contact Us page of the site to check before ordering or email us directly at 

    Currently, this does NOT affect the standard Delrin, but that may change over time. I appreciate everyone's patience with these issues.

    Price Increases Set for July 1, 2022

    One week left until prices increases will hit the sit. I've been trying to keep inflation at bay but 80% increases in Delrin costs are too much to absorb. The most substantial increases will affect products with Delrin AF. If we're able to get prices down or Delrin prices return to normal levels, our prices will reflect that as soon as it happens. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Summer Vacation Post

    We'll be shutting down for two weeks from Sept. 9, 2021 until Sept. 23, 2021. Any orders placed in that time will be shipped when we return. 

    Between the high sales growth (thank you all for making this possible!) and some supply chain issues, we're taking a little break to get caught up and allow some family time. This should allow shipments and material levels to catch up to the quantities we need to be in a good place going into the fall. Any orders placed by EOD Sept. 8, will be manufactured and shipped before we truly shut down. I had to bump up the closing date for orders (from the previously announced Sept. 10) because of limited materials on hand. Any orders placed while we are closed will be manufactured and shipped when we return and will be on our standard two-week lead time between order and shipment for backordered items. I will be available the entire time we're closed for technical support, questions, sales, etc. so please feel free to reach out. 

    For those of you waiting on backorders, we've experienced some delays, probably because of local COVID levels. San Angelo (our town) was listed as the town in Texas with the highest growth rate of COVID (we tend to lag the rest of the country). While it hasn't been as bad as it could have been, I know a lot of people in quarantine and that's probably at least partially by there are occasional shipping delays both in and out. I'm trying to stay on top of shipments and make sure they are getting out of town. That said, I appreciate your patience with this situation. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

    Backorders are Fulfilled, Inventory is Coming!!!

    As of late this morning, all backorders have shipped. I greatly appreciate everyone's patience as we adjust to the high volume of orders and new production methods.

    Many kits are close to being in stock, but still have a few pieces left to be complete kits. There should be inventory of most kits by the end of the week. While the site will be updated with inventory as it's available, some customers have found issues with the site saying that items are on backorder when they are really in stock. There are some problems on the backend of the site that I'm looking into, but I don't have a timeline for repair. 

    If you're waiting on a specific kit to be in stock, please send me an email and I'll check for your specific case. Otherwise, it is safe to assume that all kits (except the offset kits) will be able to ship within a week. Thanks!