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    The Borg Motorsports Newsletter

    Inventory Updates

    It's been a while since I've made a blog post so I figured it'd be good to update everyone on inventory levels. I have the parts and pieces for kits in stock, but haven't listed them because everyone that can ship kits will be out of town, on vacation, or racing in the next few weeks. Because of that, I'm holding off on listing inventory in stock until I'm back from the Mineral Wells Pro next weekend. Look for steel frame kits to be added towards the end of the week of June 4. If you place a backorder between now and then, your kit will ship that same week (week of June 4). Aluminum frame kits will be available 1-2 weeks later.

    I'm in Lincoln, NE at Spring Nats right now, but am trying to keep up on email and social media. If you have specific questions on product availability, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to get back to you from the road. Thanks!

    Reviews are Live

    I've gotten reviews up and running on the site so you can now tell everyone what you think of our products! If you have purchased from us in the past (either on the old website or the new one), please consider leaving an honest review of what you purchased. It would be a big help to the company and I would like to know what everyone things, especially after living with the product for a while.

    As always, don't hesitate to send any questions our way. Thanks!

    We're a Brisk Racing Dealer!

    We're a Brisk Racing Dealer!

    This just in: Borg Motorsports is Brisk Racing's news US dealer! The spark plugs that everyone asks about can now be purchased right here at Borg Motorsports. These are the spark plugs I used back in 2012 to win my first National Championship by finding every last horsepower allowed by the rules. My stock LS1 gained 7.0 rwhp and 9.2 rwtq with a huge shift up in the torque curve, just by adding these plugs! It's by far the best horsepower/dollar mod you can get for your Corvette.

    Spark plug sets are in stock and ready to ship! We currently only have the GOR15LGS in stock (this is the LS plug), but we can get any product offered by Brisk. Corvette and Camaro plugs will be added to the site this quarter. In the mean time, wake up your LS this race season with Brisk Racing plugs at Borg Motorsports!

    Shop Maintenance

    The Black Friday sale was a huge success, thanks everyone! That does mean that I will be needing to move up my maintenance schedule on the machines. We're targeting to reopen the shop on 2/1. You can still place orders in the mean time, but they will not ship until we reopen. Thanks for your patience.