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    The Borg Motorsports Newsletter

    Reminder - Summer Shutdown is Almost Here

    Just a friendly reminder that we are shutting down for the production equipment changeover on May 10 at 11:59 PM CT. We will be able to fulfill all back orders within the normal two-week window for anything ordered between now at May 10, but after that, the backorder option will be disabled to allow us to change the shop over. Please get your orders in now if would like bushing kits before September 2019.

    We're Getting a Haas!!!

    Everything is essentially confirmed at this point, so I can share the news. We are getting a Haas to replace the Tormachs that have produced all Borg Motorsports products since we opened in 2015. This means that the summer shutdown is happening. As mentioned in the previous post, orders for Borg Motorsports bushings placed on or before May 10 at 11:59 PM CT will be manufactured and shipped within the two-week turn around time we promise on the site. After that, the backorder feature will be disabled and we will either have inventory which can ship immediately, or we will be out of stock until September 1 at the earliest. 

    Based on how things are shaking out, there may be some time between May 10 and September 1 where the old machines will still be available and in running order so there may be some random inventory added to the site, but this is by no means a guarantee. If you want bushings guaranteed before September 1, please order them in the next ten days.

    While the changeover in production to a new machine is inconvenient for this summer's inventory, it does mean bushing kits should be produced at a significantly increased rate so there will be no more (or much fewer) backordered items once we're up and running. Once running, the Haas has features that will free up a significant amount of my time to work on new product development, which means we'll finally be able to bring you the other parts I have been wanting to make for a long time.

    To all the existing Borg Motorsports customers, thank you. Your support is why the company is in a position to get a new, more capable machine.

    To all our future customers, thank you for your patience while we go through the retooling process. 

    For those interested, I'm hoping to document this process, both through this blog and on our YouTube channel, so if you're interested in following along, please subscribe.

    Potential Production Interruption

    As much as the title sounds bad, it actually has the potential to be very good news. Things are coming together for a MAJOR shop upgrade. If it does take place, it means we will likely have several months of downtime over the summer as we get things upgraded and get everything changed over. The big change (which I won't get into now) would mean a shutdown until August or September for production of Borg Motorsports brand products (i.e. bushing kits).

    If things don't pan out, we will have our annual maintenance shutdown, but it will be a little longer than normal, likely all of May instead of just a week or two. This is not 100% certain yet, but I did want to send a note for any of you on the mailing list that are thinking of purchasing a bushing kit in the next few months.

    While I hope to have some inventory in stock before we shut down, that might not happen. If you are thinking of getting a bushing kit before August or September, I would recommend getting an order in now if you can't wait (I'm looking at you Solo Nats folks here). We currently have no backlog, but also do not have any complete kits (lots of partial kits that need just a few more pieces to complete). I should know by early May which is happening. 

    Thanks for all of your continued support.

    Out of the Office

    I'm currently out of town supporting the King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA and we do not have anyone in the shop. I'm 10 miles from the nearest road, without cell service, and will be here for the next three days (staying on site in the desert). I can get occasional emails, but wifi calling is not working. If you need to contact us for anything, please send an email to sales@borgmotorsports.com or lane@borgmotorsports.com instead of calling. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    As a side note, if you don't know anything about off-road racing, you should check out the Ultra4 series and their King of the Hammers race. It's one heck of an event.