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    The Borg Motorsports Newsletter

    Update on Backorders and Inventory

    I appreciate everyone's patience as I work through the backlog. There had been a confluence of issues in the shop that was delaying production. The main lathe was down for maintenance, the old managed to wear out an important part, and I was put on work restrictions by my doctor. The new lathe appears to be up and running and I should be (partially) off of work restrictions shortly. This should allow all kits to be completed and shipped late this week or early next week, possibly minus the offset orders. Offset bushings take longer to make and might be delayed until later next week. All delayed orders will be going out with overnight shipping to get them into your hands ASAP. Again, I greatly appreciate everyone's understanding and patience while I work through all these issues. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

    Production Delay - Update 2/19/2021

    The power is back in our area and the state agency that runs the grid has lowered their emergency level to a point where we should not see any more rolling blackouts. It's looking like we'll get above freezing today and I have the shop warming up. Once the machines have been checked for damage from the freezing temperatures (so far looks good), production will start. I do not have any updates on specific orders, other than it's looking like next week at the earliest. The shop will be running as quickly as possible to get caught up on the orders that are in place. Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented event.

    Major Delays to Shipping and Production

    If you’re lucky enough to have power, you may have seen the news of the weather in Texas. Our town has seen record snow fall and record low temperatures. Both my house and the shop are in a section of town that don’t have power and both use electric heat. I’m writing this in a McDonald’s parking lot where they still have Wi-Fi and power. Looks like over 40% of the town is without power according to the utility website. I’ve given up trying to keep the shop warm and I’m just working on my house at this point. All of my orders and shipments have been delayed in and out of town for several days. There’s no estimate on when power will be back up. No burst pipes yet but they are freezing (buildings and probably machines soon too). Because of this any pending orders will be delayed until further notice. I apologize for the delay. As soon as we have reliable power and shipments going in and out of town I’ll post another update. Stay warm and safe out there.

    Update to Shipping Times/BFCM Sale Round 2

    We've been able to make a large amount of progress on the backlog and are moving back to our normal two-week lead time on backordered bushings. I was hoping to have kits in stock early this week, but it looks like it might be around the weekend the sale ends or early the week after. Let me know if you have any questions. Sale ends December 20th at 11:59 PM CT!

    Update to Shipping Times for BFCM Sale

    First, thank you to everyone for your support during our year end sale. Sales have far and away exceeded any of my expectations.

    Because of the high volume and the arrival of the new machine in a little over a week, I'm going to need to adjust the shipping time for all orders placed after Dec. 4 (tomorrow as of this post). If you place an order after 12/4, the estimated backorder shipping time will be 3-4 weeks instead of the normal 2-weeks or less.

    I'll be doing everything in my power to still adhere to the 2-week turn around time, but until the backlog of orders is lower or the new machine is up and running, we're just out of capacity in the shop.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Thanks again to everyone for the stellar amount of support. It means the world to me.