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    The Borg Motorsports Newsletter

    Product Discontinuation Annoucement - C6Z Offset

    Based on extremely low sales, I will be discontinuing the offset kit for aluminum frame C6's. This product will remain available on the site for the remainder of May. For anyone thinking about purchasing an offset kit for their C6 Z06 or ZR1, please do so by May 31, 2020. The Individual Bushing product for the offset Rear Upper Control Arms for the C6Z will also be discontinued on the same schedule. This change does not affect the Standard or Premium kits.

    In the event you need more camber/caster on an aluminum-framed car after May, you can make your own partially offset kit in the Individual Bushings section of the site. Lower control arm bushings are the same for aluminum frame and steel framed cars (between the C5 and C6) and the offset bushing version of these positions will still be produced. This won't create as much of an increase in camber as the full offset kit, but this combination should provide more than enough to cover 99%+ of your alignment needs.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

    COVID-19 Status

    Since I have been getting a significant number of questions on this, I want to make sure everyone is up to date on our business status. Borg Motorsports is open, manufacturing, and shipping orders with the standard 2-week maximum lead time on backordered items.

    It seems like most of my customers don't know the full story of the company, so for those of you unaware, Borg Motorsports is a very small company. I am not only the owner, but I'm the sole, full-time employee of Borg Motorsports. I have hired contractors in the past, but it has been over a year since I had any on-site. In addition to that, the shop is on property that I personally own and that is not shared with others. This gives me the ability to continue operations, even under a quarantine situation, without putting anyone at risk of spreading the coronavirus. 

    Supply chains are still intact, shipment providers are still operational, and none of the materials used for bushings or other products are currently being triaged for medical use. Obviously, these are things that can change quickly, but at this time I can still operate Borg Motorsports normally, with plenty of material and supplies on hand to fulfill orders. While I have been unsuccessful thus far, if I am able to find a way to use my available manufacturing capacity to help fight the coronavirus, I will be temporarily holding orders to help. If any of my readers know of someone looking for manufacturing capacity to help supply the medical community, please reach out to me at lane@borgmotorsports.com. Until then, I will continue to provide the best suspension products I can.

    For those individuals that have placed orders in the last month, thank you. Sales have understandably slowed significantly and individual sales during this time mean a significant amount to the health and longevity of the business. Thank you again for your support.

    Changes to the Site

    I'm making a couple of changes to the site that might affect some people so I wanted to announce them before they are implemented.

    Specifically, no one has used the Affirm payment option, so that will be removed at the end of the year.

    Second, the number of people using Amazon Payments is low enough that Borg Motorsports doesn't qualify for Amazon's preferred status. This means payments are tied up for at least a week, but often closer to two. I know two weeks doesn't sound like much, but when Shopify and PayPal have money in the bank in a couple of days, that delay has a measurable effect on cashflow management. It's also just an additional system that needs to be monitored and maintained for little to no added value. Because of that, I will also be taking down Amazon Payments at the end of 2019. 

    If you plan on using either of these payment methods, please either make your order before the end of the year or contact me to discuss options. Thanks everyone.


    We're within spitting distance of our goal for the year so I'm going to make one last extension to the Black Friday sale. The sale will go through Wednesday, December 18th and will not be extended further. Thanks for everyone's support so far, I greatly appreciate it.

    Black Friday Discount Code Issues Corrected

    There were a few issues with the discount code for the Black Friday sale this past week. These errors should be corrected now. If you have any issues with the discount code going forward, please contact us to get it corrected.